Final Expense

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is coverage specific to the costs of a funeral and memorial service and therefore written with a lower face value, or maximum amount payable. This can make it a very affordable way to circumvent some very expensive costs that may await your loved ones at the time of your burial. 

Is Final Expense Insurance right for you?

If you’re concerned about the financial burden associated with the cost of burial or debts you leave behind, you may want to consider final expense insurance.

When considering a final expense insurance policy, please consult your financial advisor to ensure it’s the right fit for your financial needs.

To request a quote please use our FCSU Financial online quote system.

Single Premium Whole Life

A Single Premium Whole Life policy is an easy and simple way to achieve the life insurance coverage you need. As the name implies, by making only one premium payment you have a completely paid up whole life policy.

Single Premium Whole Life policies make excellent gifts. Honor a newborn or a newlywed with a fully paid-up life insurance policy.

Important features of Single Premium Whole Life include:

  • $5,000 minimum coverage.
  • You make only one premium payment during your whole lifetime.
  • A Single Premium Whole Life policy can be issued for any age from infancy to age 85.
  • The policy can be issued in any amount (subject to medical limitations).
  • Separate rates are available for males/females; smokers/nonsmokers.
  • The death benefit is level, but can be supplemented by additional insurance should your needs change.
  • Single Premium Whole Life certificate holders are eligible for a variety of other FCSU benefits, including scholarships for those who qualify, and cultural and athletic programs.
  • Dividends begin when declared.*

* Dividends are not guaranteed.


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