Lazor/Lazúr Family Reunion

Fifty-four extended Lazor Family members re-united on the 23rd of July in Mammoth Park in Mount Pleasant Township, cialis buy PA, for a celebration of a proud Slovak Family – Lazor/Lazúr. They came from as far south as Texas, as far East as Maryland, as far North as Connecticut and as far West as California in honor of the marriage of Anna Safko originally of Tolcselmes (Šarišské Sokolovce, Slovakia) and Adam S Lazor originally of Bartosfalva (Bartošovce, Slovakia).

Anna and Adam arrived humbly in America as many Slovaks did in the late 1800’s – with little to nothing except youthful aspirations and the promise of a new life in America. At the reunion, Chairwoman of Honor Mary Catherine “Cass” Schacte Lazor reigned supreme over her extended family. She represented the 2nd generation (in America) and greeted each successive generation in attendance – 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The oldest grandchild of Adam and Anna was in attendance and the youngest great-great grand-child was there as well. To their homage a fifteen-foot family chart was unveiled which displayed connections to each other and even to their extended present day family in Slovakia.The USA Adam Lazor family alone now numbers 100 in total, with 2 remaining in generation 2, 20 in generation 3, and 43 and 27 in generations 4 and 5, respectively.

Highlights of the event included much love and laughter of the shared family past and various versions of family stories. Many of those stories began with “You probably are a Lazor if …” Befitting the occasion, a “Lazor Rodina” Cake and various Slovak and non-Slovak culinary delights were presented. A memory table displayed – historical certificates of baptisms, weddings, and citizen-ship – and historical information regarding boat passages, censuses, and maps- and rare photographs. In addition to the 15-foot wide family chart which included ancestors from the 1700’s to the present day (in USA and Slovakia), there were illustrations of Slovak family life of the past which included a household census account of Adam’s boy-hood home which included 6 adults and 6 children – how many farm animals and how many rooms. There were meeting minutes which attested to Adam’s role in the founding of Saint Florian Slovak Catholic Church (and a stained glass window from that first church which possessed Adam’s and Anna’s names).

A special treat was enjoyed by all when through the wonders of technology, a Skype call was made to connect the present USA family gathering with a similar but smaller representative gathering of family in Bartošovce, Slovakia. They shared the same great-grandfather and the family re-semblances were remarkable. “Ahoj!” , “ “ako sa máš”, and “boh vám žehnaj” were heard from both sides of the Atlantic. And of course no celebration would be complete without “na zdravie!”